That was Summer!

Remember that time

You went to QE11 in Christchurch

Rushing down the hydro-slide in the dark,

Getting splashed constantly,

Wondering if you’ll ever get out?

That was Summer


Remember that time

You went to Twizel

And got delicious waffle fries,

Getting your first ever painful bee sting, Ouch!

Having so many beautiful walks but really the only people walking are Mum and Dad,

Remember making a dam at the river and crossing the rushing river,

Deciding whether you are going to play Happy Families?

That was Summer                                                    


Remember that time

You went to the Octagon for New Years in the pouring rain?

Remember having nice warm hot chocolates with a mix of freezing cold shaved ice?

Remember  putting the biscuit in an empty spa

That was Summer


By Sophia

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