Cow sale week!!

This week is the week of my family’s cow sale, and I am SUPER excited!! We are selling 90 cows mainly Holstein friesians though. The sale is on the 21st of May 2021 on Friday. We have been washing cows for the clippers to clip the cows we put the massive tent up on Tuesday, and we are putting up the signs today (Wednesday) and tomorrow it is the day before the sale which means everyone will be really excited!! I HOPE IT GOES WELL!!

Scratch Games

Here are some games that I created on scratch you can click on the link to the games there are two different options.

Hoppy Chick =

Bouncy Ball wall =

Have Fun!!

Growth Mindset

Yes, having a growth mindset is quite important to me because you need to be positive about what you’re doing and how you will accomplish your task. Having a growth mindset will help you in all situations. A growth mindset from my perspective is, trying new things, doing tasks with a positive attitude and believing in yourself! One of the times I had a growth mindset was when I was doing my Ikan test I wasn’t really sure if I would do well in it, but I had a growth mindset and my outcome was fantastic! I had improved.

100 WC #20

On the 19th of December every year we go to my Grandad’s grave, and leave something there to remember him on his birthday! Usually we bring him some flowers or something nice, but this year we decided to bring him something unusual! His old bike. When Grandad was young he always rode on his bright yellow bike and that was that, he loved his bike and always told us grandkids about it. But how grandad died do you ask he sadly had a collision with a truck that was going way too fast and smashed into a large power pole!

That was Summer!

Remember that time

You went to QE11 in Christchurch

Rushing down the hydro-slide in the dark,

Getting splashed constantly,

Wondering if you’ll ever get out?

That was Summer


Remember that time

You went to Twizel

And got delicious waffle fries,

Getting your first ever painful bee sting, Ouch!

Having so many beautiful walks but really the only people walking are Mum and Dad,

Remember making a dam at the river and crossing the rushing river,

Deciding whether you are going to play Happy Families?

That was Summer                                                    


Remember that time

You went to the Octagon for New Years in the pouring rain?

Remember having nice warm hot chocolates with a mix of freezing cold shaved ice?

Remember  putting the biscuit in an empty spa

That was Summer


By Sophia